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LUX VOCE CORPORE / José Man Lius (France)

From March, 21 to April, 4 – From Tuesday to Saturday, from 02:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. – La Tôlerie

2015 / Installation vidéo interactive et sonore de José Man Lius

Sound design: Marie-Sylviane Buzin, atelier Voix à part entière / Service Université Culture de Clermont-Ferrand
Choreography: Clémentine Balair.
With the support of DRAC d’Auvergne (research residency at high school St Julien in Brioude – 2013/2014)
Co-production : José Man Lius / VIDEOFORMES 2015 / 2DIGITS / Mon agend’art LOGO-2DIGITS-COULEUR

LUX VOCE CORPORE is a solar opera in which the voice is spatialized, the body dematerialized in an area of holographic video-projection that is close to a theater of light refraction.

A creation that provides the public an opportunity to participate in the experience of the life cycle and of climate metamorphoses by inviting them to attend an interactive opera.

In a world inspired by Greek mythology, in which the cycle of time and transformations of the seasons are managed by the hours (Hores), daughters of Zeus and Themis. They live on Mount Olympus and have various functions. They guarantee human destiny. They open the doors to heaven and have influence on the natural phenomena of the seasons by spilling baskets of heat, humidity, and rain that fertilize the land. The seasonal cycle is on a parallel with transformations, hyper consumerism, globalization, cultural mixing, climate deregulation, and the weakening of the ozone layer. The impact of human activity threatens the balance of the seasonal progression. The opera is organized in five movements that follow each other in a random way: summer – fall – winter – offseason – spring.



José Man Lius lives and works in Paris. He is originally from the West Indies and is a graduate of the fine arts. José Man Lius is an interdisciplinary visual artist who uses installations, video, and photography to give life to unusual and esthetic events. A poetic paradox emanates from his work, in which digital art and new media combine with telluric sensations, an investigation that helps to experience what cultural mixing of an identity can be. His videos are regularly shown in France and around the world.

Clémentine Balair is a choreographer, a Butô performer (who opened the Butô festival in Paris in 2014), a painter, and a mime. She dances with life and expresses her childlike playfulness! The little girl from the islands has made a breach; having become a lady, the Parisian finds an outlet and the storyteller emerges, twirling with the subjects, rebuilding her identity through the seasons. The body highlights existence and leaves prints on the canvas.

MarieSylviane BUZIN is an interdisciplinary artist who composes with her body and voice as musical instruments: sound design, performances, and installations. Full member of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional Emmanuel Chabrier in Clermont-Ferrand since 1995, Marie Sylviane BUZIN is a musician who works in schools. She regularly participates in recordings and sound and visual shows, co-produces artistic videos, collaborates and produces for Muzaïc (C.R.R. programming), Semaine de la Poésie, Musiques Démesurées Festival, VIDEOFORMES (Cage Suite), Arising poems (a Jean-Marc Jouve creation, 2013).

CREDITS José Man Lius


SOUND DESIGN: Marie-Sylviane Buzin • Atelier Voix à part entière / Service Université Culture de Clermont-Ferrand • Garage infratando

PERFORMERS (in order of appearance) : “Printemps” : Xuan Le (Danseur – Chorégraphe) • “Été” : Clémentine Balair (Chorégraphe Butö) • “Automne” : Najoua Ferreol (Actrice) • “Hiver” : Petra Veya (Danseuse)

MAKEUP: Marcia Baila
PROJECT MONITORING: Charlotte Grammont
THANKS: Image Vitæ • La Clef, Centre Culturel de Saint-Germain-en-Laye



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