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SCREEN CLOTHES / Gérard Chauvin & Lanah Shaï (France)

From March, 19 to April,4 – From Tuesday to Saturday, from 02:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. – La Tôlerie

SCREEN CLOTHES ou Vêtements écrans et préjugés
2014 / Installation vidéo de Gérard Chauvin & Lanah Shaï

Conception(Design), shootings, video editing and sound creation: Gérard Chauvin
Associated artist: Lanah Shaï
Performers: Lanah Shaï – Agnès Btffn – Gérard Chauvin
Computer technology: Loris Chennebault

List of narrators: Lanah Shaï • Pascale Morlière • Eric Mimeau • Paola Authier • Michel Bouscary • Catherine Bourgeois • Ahmed Zaradasht • Evelyne Videau • Fanta Dialo • Sandolore Sykes • Théo Vagne • Aura Rojas • Karine Dorvaux • José Man Lius • Cöcö Coquelicot Cöcö • Arnaud Darne • Martina Ricciardi • Najoua-Ferréol • Nicole Ausou • Anne Karin Torheim • Kit fong ling • Iver Finlay • Xia Xue • Ludovic Adrien-Eza • Valentine Nomora • Lhoussine Chinkhir • Fred Martial Boutsindi Mbemba • Sébastien Cailler

SCREEN CLOTHES are an invasive, participative, militant video installation which brings to question on the fragility of the liberties in front of globalisation.

3 series of video performance compose this installation :

Freedom of women
Freedom of identity choice
Freedom of bodies, desires and thoughts

2 staged poems and 4 performances embody these concepts – 20 suits describe a world tour – 31 participants from many horizons – 12 languages.

The history of societies and cultures, shows us in mirror what we sometimes take for advances established for ever. It is essential today to question the place left by each to dispose of their own body and identity in the public sphere, the political world, all of the cultures and the world communities.

One has to understand the terms SCREEN CLOTHES as a generic illustration of these questions and an illustration of the filter between us and others. Sometimes revealing our deepest feelings, our personality and our identity, but also our fantasy, this filter can also be at times an instrument of repression and discrimination.

A suggestive visual and sound immersion

3 series of videos are projected on 20 clothing allegories, real clothes from many nationalities and many gender. 4 faces of video reception, the images penetrating up to the center of the volume. 7 characters per face recite simultaneously a poem or act a performance. The surfaces of projection are unstable, the images tend to disappear under the influence of the movement of air at the approach of the spectators.

Reading of poem, performance, spatial shaping of the text

The poem evoking the Calvary of Sahar Gul, I am blame my name is woman , is read by 28 polyglot narrators.
The same poem is projected on Agnès Btffn’s body, who performs this text, by evoking a metaphoric veil.

The poem Mutation dresses the body of Lanah Shaï who performs her man’s transition towards woman by means of objects marked by the gender.
In Nudes and academicisms Gérard Chauvin and Agnès Btffn evoke by poses and winks to the art of history, the question of the body and the censorship on the march.


Gérard Chauvin is a multimedia artist who works on the crucial questions of identity, gender and communicating body.
His work concern identity and culture, identity and the Internet. He created multimedia artwork where the public is invited to participate. His work have been shown in numerous places dedicated to Art in Europe.

Lanah Shaï is a photographer, a poet and rock transidentity musician, currently in a transition process MtF (Male to Femal). A year ago she discovered video universe and show performance.



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