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Digital Lounge

Digital Lounge – Festival Home

From March 19 to 21 – From 10:00 a.m. to 08:30 p.m. – Maison de la Culture / Salle Chavignier

Open access home festival, the Digital Lounge offers video programs (Vidéocollectifs & 1 Minute), interactive installations, bar/restaurant… In additionshare your thoughts on our TweetWall : Imagined by David Beuvot, the TweetWall – a digital guestbookallows you to share your feelings about the festival via the hashtag #videoformes on Twitter. Messages will be presented to the home of the festival.


Vidéocollectifs : A concept created by Natan Karczmar, organised in Clermont-Ferrand by the Mission des Relations Interbationales (MRI), the Service Universités Culture (SUC) & VIDEOFORMES. Videocollectifs are 3 minutes films offering a personal look at the town / view of the town. Everybody can participate : French or foreigners, visitors or citizens. It is a topic of one’s own choice, which represents a personal view, a desire to share pictures, a video memory.

17. Listopad Michaela Kupilikova / videocollectif Pilsen
2 L8 4 2015 Daniel Vonasek / videocollectif Pilsen
Absolutely no right to live Jan Kocour / videocollectif Pilsen
Bariol Franck Coulot / videocollectif Clermont
Better together > Luxemborg Dorrottya Dome / videocollectif Mons
Cauchemar Benjamin Simoens / videocollectif Mons
Ce que je pense en ville Aurélie Beghin / videocollectif Mons
Citywalk Petra Krejčová / videocollectif Pilsen

Entretemps Malorie Brosson, Jessie Da Costa & Lucas Gerard / videocollectif Clermont
Firefly Julien Piedpremier / videocollectif Clermont
Il était une ville Ornella Montesi & Serena Ravanello / videocollectif Mons
Intensive Jakub Hájek / videocollectif Pilsen
Into the eyes, project in the city Mickael Boitte & Annie Warenghien / videocollectif Mons
Le temps et la ville Renaud Micheletti-Gavin Sobnack / videocollectif Mons
Les Montois Perle Terrana / videocollectif Mons
Mons Amandine Wathelet / videocollectif Mons

Mons Claire Bourguin & Sara Ricciardi / videocollectif Mons
Motion Benjamín Debnár / videocollectif Pilsen
Night life Vit Trunec / videocollectif Pilsen
Pilsen Angel Svoboda Kuczman Matuskova / videocollectif Pilsen
The walking dog Ombeline Levy & Cécile Tomassi / videocollectif Clermont
The way throughout Pilsen Lenka Olsakova / videocollectif Pilsen
Underpilsen Olga Teslyuk / videocollectif Pilsen
Urbantrash Sophie Stassin / videocollectif Mons

Concours vidéo 1 Minute (18è édition) : VIDEOFORMES organizes a national video competition open to all young people, to schools and associations, in 3 categories : primary schools, secondary schools & high schools.
Screening & palmares: Saturday, March 21 at 06:00 p.m. at Maison de la Culture.

Transnumeriques Awards – Art(s) & Networks Prix Transnumériques Gif Awards / VIDEOFORMES 2015

Launched by Transcultures during the “Quinzaine Numérique” by the Walloon-Brussels Federation in 2013, the Awards – Art(s) & Network(s) of Trancultures aims to stimulate network digital creation by giving it increased visibility. For 2015, Transcultures has decided to concentrate the awards on the GIF format, animated images most often in a loop. If the GIFs at the beginning of the Web were very simple, a new generation of artists appeared at the end of the 2000s and elevated the GIF, for some, to a fully-fledged work of art.

The Transnumériques Awards are backed by the Walloon-Brussels Federation and by Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture, by ARTour (biennial of contemporary art and heritage), as well as by the and platforms.

GIF ART Exhibition from 19 to 21 March Transnumériques Awards @ Vidéoformes 2015
Curateur : Jacques Urbanska. Un partenariat Transcultures-Vidéoformes.
For VIDEOFORMES 2015, Trancultures proposes an exhibition that brings together a selection of international works of “GIF ART” (Graphics Interchange Format, invented in 1987 by CompuServe, which are animated images most often in a loop). After a call for proposals for participation, a series of GIFs will be selected by an international jury and will be shown during the festival. The current GIF is meant as a message that tells a story, which are catchy or disturbing, and which reveal diverse esthetics, subjects, and practices. In the past few years at many online exhibitions and in many contemporary art galleries, the GIF has succeeded in generating vibrant creativity from a certain web culture…

Three Transnumériques Gif Awards / VIDEOFORMES 2015 will be given during the awards ceremony on Saturday March 21st.
Exhibition at VIDEOFORMES 2015 then at the Biennial of contemporary art and heritage ARTour (Belgium) and at the Biennial of digital cultures Transnumériques during Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture.
All submissions will also be exhibited starting mid-February on the platform initiated by Transcultures with the collaboration of the artist Systaime (founder of

Justine Emard (France)
Installation : drawings and augmented reality / 2014
Co-produced by VIDEOFORMES. With the support of the DRAC of Auvergne (Regional direction of cultural affairs) and the participation of the DICRéAM Culture and Communication Ministry, CNC (National Center of Cinematography) and CNL (National Book Center).

Screencatcher was based on the study made by Justine Emard in 2008 on the disappearance of American drive-in theaters. It includes eight felt-pen drawings of deserted drive-in theaters that come to life thanks to iPhone and iPad screens on which the viewers are invited to look at them. Thanks to software, videos are superimposed on hand-made drawings and provide the space drawn with augmented reality. The software works like a filter just like the Navajo’s dreamcatchers shrug nightmares off and only keep the positive images of the dreams and to which the title of the work refers. By associating drawings and augmented reality, the installation unites different levels of reality and thus proposes a brand new experience of the landscape. By mixing drawings of screens and real screens, Screencatcher offers a mise en abyme of the image and transforms the role of the viewer who becomes a true actor of the device.

JUSTINE EMARD – Visual artist and videast.
Justine Emard challenges through different media (photography, video, installations and augmented reality) the image in its materiality. Many of his works explore the paradigms of cinema which encompass the screen, the frame and the out-of-frame. During a creative journey in Dallas (United-States) in 2008, she conducted a study on the disappearance of drive-in theaters. This decisive moment led her to track and photograph all the rectangles painted white by anonymous people on the street walls like potential screens. Justine Emard bases her work on the idea of a progressive disappearance of the image and continues to reflect on it, especially with a series of photographs based on a reframing of the landscape using abandoned building openings. The artist’s interest in ruins, derelict places and architecture is accompanied by an attempt to inject a new form of life as though to resist a melancholic post-modern temptation and imagine a new means of building our way of looking at things.
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