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FOCUS Programs

FOCUS Programs

Saturday, March 21 at 02:00 p.m. & 04:00 p.m. – Maison de la Culture / Salle Chavignier

These video programs focus on an artist, the production of a country or a label. They are developed in collaboration with guest curators.


Syrie : carte blanche to Abir Boukari – 02:00 p.m. With the support of the French Institute of Lebanon, Embassy of France in Beirut.

Abir Boukhari is independent curator and she is also the founder and the creative director of AllArtNow
In 2005 she founded AllArtNow, a private cultural, artistic and social initiative supporting young Syrian contemporary artists has organized various local and international art events, one of its biggest annual activities to held festival for new media art in Syria.

City In Transformation

The city as a concept is the best way of revealing the secrets of a place, uncovering its time and its history and understanding its people, their reality, their pains, their struggles, their dreams and their hopes.
It is considered as the center of social, economic and political analysis; by observing and experiencing it, one will discover the real pulse of the lives of its people.
From my point of view, it plays the main reasons to engender ideas, to create new artistic projects, to provoke the artists into creating new pieces of art to reflect their city and themselves and to better understand society and people, inspired from the Shakespeare quote: “What is the city but the people?”
In my program “City In Transformation” I relocate a general image of Damascus during recent years to give a general image of its transformation from the point of view of the artists; thus, I selected some video works from the collection of “AllArtNow” produced before 2011 where the artists focused on urbanism as the main subject.
In the second part of the project, I asked the artists of AllArtNow about their relations with Damascus at the moment and how they feel about the city and about themselves.
I posed this question in an attempt to provoke the artists into imagining Damascus, whether they are living abroad or still living there (all the artists of the group are not currently living in Damascus except one of them, Muhammad Ali, and they don’t communicate or work with each other).
Some of them had already produced an artwork that they considered as the response to the question and the rest of the group found the question so provocative to explore their relationship with Damascus and their own identity.
From our discussions together and the pieces of art they have created about their city and their relationships with this city, they emphasized that “the axis of the earth sticks out visibly through the centre of each and every town or city”. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)


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VIDEOFORMES retrospective of award winners 1989-2004 – 04:00 p.m.

For the 30th annual festival, VIDEOFORMES is presenting a retrospective of the award-winning videos through a selection that illustrates the evolution of video art, at the crossroads between art and technology. Since its origins, video art has covered the esthetic trends of the main movements in contemporary art, whether it be Fluxus, minimalism, or even conceptual art, and more recently digital creations.


Looping / Véronique Legendre / France / 6’21 / Awarded in 1989
Attako / Jean-Luc Lenoble / France / 50″ / Awarded in 1989
Souvenir de trame / Thierry Bourdy / France / 3′ / Awarded in 1989
Comme un opéra immobile / Jean-Baptiste Mathieu / France / 7’14 / Awarded in 1990
Duett / Philippe Schmid / Swiss / 3′ / Awarded in 1993
Blood in blossom / Merel Mirage / France / 7’15 / Awarded in 1995
Transatlantico / Arthur Marinho / Argentina / 7’25 / Awarded in 1995
Cueillette / François Vogel / France / 1’58 / Awarded in 1996
C’est le veau qui bêle / Pierre-Yves Clouin / France / 1’15 / Awarded in 1997
Voices / Trine Vester / Denmark / 6′ / Awarded in 1998
Is this America? / Hervé Schuwey / France / 9′ / Awarded in 1998
The morphology of desire / Robert Arnold / USA / 5’45 / Awarded in 2000
Lacan Dalida / Pascal Lièvre / France / 6’35 / Awarded in 2002
(VIR611) Vacas / Gabriela Golder / Argentina / 4’32 / Awarded in 2003
Popcorn / Liisa Lounila / Finland / 4’25 / Awarded in 2003
Fibi – Discussions avec Abdel-Wadoud / Haim Ben Shitrit / Israel / 11′ / Awarded in 2004


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