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Nuit des Arts Électroniques

Saturday, March 21 at 11:30 p.m. – La Coopérative de Mai

The 17th Night of Electronic Arts presents four audio-visual Lives offering an interaction between actual music and digital creations.


VAISSEAUX / Gregory Robin + Annabelle Playe (France)

Gregory Robin, artist in residence at VIDEOFORMES in 2014/2015, invited Annabelle Playe to accompany him within the framework of this residence. Vaisseaux propose a poetic area at the center of movement through a dynamic relationship between images, music, and voices. The voices are vehicles for a voyage that is internal, geographical, and sidereal.
Starting from a system that mixes analogic synthesizers, filters and computers, the music is played live. It alternates between electronic and electroacoustic. Sounds from different sources will be processed and mixed with analogic sounds.
It is a round-trip between what moves around inside us and what carries us further, questioning our view of what is around us, and the way in which we position ourselves in our physical and intimate geographies.

Annabelle Playe:
A multidisciplinary artist, she explores voices, sound, video, and writing depending on her projects. She performs a contemporary vocal repertoire in different shows from the Glossophonies company. She has appeared in the creations by Jacques Diennet as a singer and reader. She has worked with the poet Christian Tarting and the choreographers N+N Corsino. Through her projects, she has met Gérard Siracusa, Richard Dubelski, Jean-Marc Montera, Marc Siffert, Franck Vigroux, Michel Blanc.
She is the author of two monologues: “Ligne” (Line) and Mater that have been published by Alna Editeur. “Mater” was commissioned by Isabelle Krauss (Compagnie Actuel Theatre that was created in 2013.)
She created the AnA company whose remarkable projects mix theatrical and poetic writing, music, and experimental videos. She has created and performed “Ligne” (Line), a performance for which she composed the electroacoustic music, staged by Ludovic Longelin. She has done readings of her text “Des pas dans la guerre” (Steps in war) during the Un Automne à Tisser festival at the Cartoucherie de Vincennes, at the Mauvaise Tête theater in Marvejols, as well as at the Bruits Blancs festival (Anis Gras – Arcueil). Her album “Matrice” (Label DAC) has been played by many international radios and on Radio France. Matrice has become a multimedia performance with Philippe Fontes, a video performer. The duo has performed in France and internationally. Her next album, “Vaisseaux” (Vessels) will be released in early 2015.
She composed and performed the music of “La poupée noire” (The black doll), staged by Jean-Marc Bourg, and based on the poetry by Alejandra Pizarnik.
She created “ANA”, an audiovisual solo, from images by the director Gregory Robin. She sings in “Le miroir des ondes” (The mirror of waves), an album by the percussionist Michel Blanc and the guitarist Marc Ducret (will be released in 2015).

Gregory Robin:
Musician, then photographer, Gregory Robin moved towards directing in 2003. He has devoted himself totally to directing since 2006.
Gregory Robin has been involved in the painting world since childhood, and he developed and demonstrated a visual awareness very early. He prefers the camera to brushes. His first shots already showed a very personal esthetic, playing with the grain and blurring. This visual research guided him to other media like the Super 8 with which he started out as a director. Although his filmography is mainly made up of documentary creations, his interest in dealing with genres drove him to explore their interdisciplinarity, imparting a style to reality, which sometimes ends up close to fiction. He has come back to the experimental form in his film Entrailles, filmed at the mining museum in Saint-Etienne. His future projects demonstrate this orientation.
In 2012, he and Joël Caron created Après la Guerre Films (After the War Films), an organization that makes creation films. In 2014, he partnered with Jean-Philippe Raymond and Julien Féret to create the production company Far Center Films.

Ocoeur + Hieros Gamos (France)

Franck Zaragoza, also known as Ocoeur, started playing music when he was still a child. Having learnt how to play the piano, he devoted most of his time to musical experimentation on rhythm and melody.
He soon came to discover computer music, with a growing interest for electronic music. Franck became familiar with artists such as Moby, Brian Eno, Apparat or Aphex Twin, who all had an influence in shaping his creativity.
In 2005, he produced and put out a few nervous, underground-sounding tracks on Audiogenic and Mackitek Records.
He wrote his first album the same year: Les Hommes ne savant pas voler, which was available for free, also introduced his new alias, Ocoeur. An electronica and IDM-influenced piece of work, the album was released through Barcelona-based label Musica Vermella, and unveils Franck Zaragoza’s taste for dreamlike, melodramatic sounds. The release was received with enthusiasm, and was followed a few months later by Perçevoir, a similar-sounding EP.
In 2010, Franck Zaragoza contacted Tympanik Audio to try to be a part of the Emergency Organisms 4 compilation. As the feeling was good, Ocoeur was able to write « Ephemeral Beauty », that appeared on the project.
A new project with Hieros Gamos, a Bordeaux-based VJ was then started: the melting of their two worlds seemed natural, allowing for Ocoeur to try out new ideas. The duo went on to play on first-rank stages such as the 2013 edition of MIRA Festival or Bordeaux’s Iboat.
Ocoeur released his second album, Light As A Feather, and signed a contract with n5MD Records. This new record was more intimate-sounding; it was also a step forward for its author, mixing glitched textures and ethereal pads. The album was acclaimed for its more
sincere and precise style, both in terms of feeling and sound design.
The same year, a new 5-track EP was released, showcasing a more introspective sound, with Ben Lukas Boysen and Elise Mélinand remixing his track « Light ».
He finally released his new album, A Parallel Life, in 2014.

Hieros Gamos (Jérémie Samoyault): alternates between theater and video, considering that the work of stage design and video composition are one and the same. He met the musician “Ocoeur” (N5md label) with whom he works in a 3D atmosphere that is oneiric, poetic, and graphic. They both perform on well-known electronic stages such as I.BOAT in Bordeaux. He is starting his own company called “Aux Yeux des Autres” (In the eyes of others), as well as working in many festivals like Evento, Novart, la Semaine Digitale (Bordeaux), Nördik Impakt (Caen), Transient Festival (Paris), Elektro Park (Genoa) et Mira (Barcelona), and for many international artists (Carl Craig, Justice, Yuksek, Gui Borato, Rone, Extrawelt, Kölsh, Max Cooper, Nôze…).

Transparency Live / JEN Onesailor (France)

JEN Onesailor: Falling in love with lines, profiles, obscured lights, a brilliant transparency. The draw of an obsess outline : JEN Onesailor’s one, going on stage, wrapped by a radiant visual scenery. Trigger the contemplation, the movement of the body, the act of a meeting, the common interest for a union. The complicity of a dimmed border : the public and the artist ones.
Transparency Live is the perfect symbiosis between a sensitivity to the sound and a sensitivity to the visual. It’s the merger between two digital worlds whiches meet each other to unite as a single identity : the identity of an audiovisual performance. It’s also a story of
graphic, plastic and light components.
This project fits in the utopia that passion, new technologies, fine arts, graphic and digital arts can coexist with the demands of our society. Transparency Live is a way for escape and for lost in the reality vaguenesses to regain some of our excessivest dreams. This project
personify the metric from every usable forms : the poetry of a melody connected with the poetry of a visual narration.

Crédit photo : Florent Giffard

Incite/ (Germany)

In partnership with Arture, student association of Master Conduite de projets culturels of department of Métiers de la Culture of Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand.

Kera Nagel & André Aspelmeier
 (audio-visual electronic duo):

incite/ combines futuristic distorted bass music and outstanding visuals to an immersive synesthetic adventure, complex, inspiring and unorthodox danceable.
Tightly synchronized greyscale HD-visuals oscillate between abstraction and semi-narration, inciting perception and awareness.
incite/ excites with an extraordinary information density and opens doors into the sphere of electronic image and music of the 21st century – a fascinating experience for ears and eyes.
incite/ bridges the gap between art and club worlds, unconventional and electrifying with a smile.
incite/ was awarded several times for their productions [e.g. Qwartz Award 2012 (Paris – Qwartz Dancefloor), Visual Music Award 2014 (Frankfurt – Visual Music Live Contest), Festival Award 2009 and 2011 (Wroclaw – WRO Biennale)].

Kera Nagel started a solo music and video production in 2000 aka axiomatic integration. She co-founded incite/ in 2002. Since two years she additionally plays wild electro/dubstep-DJane-sets.

André Aspelmeier started making experimental and electronic music in 1985 and visuals in 2001. After many releases and gigs under different identities, he co-founded incite/ in 2002.Both run the monthly event Re:Fokus in Hamburg, a screening of recent audio-visual productions.



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