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Friday, March 20 at 02:00 p.m. / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Double boeuf
Marion Guillard
France / 2014 / 2’23

“Double Ox” restiches and unstiches time, reinventing reality and its duplicate.

Femmes effacées
Véronique Sapin
France / 2013 / 6′

Living so that Human Rights are respected and die because of this commitment. We are all concerned by the killing of these people. We must fight against their forgetfulness because memory is a weapon against barbarism. This video is an act of resistance.

Caglar Uzun
Turkey / 2014 / 2′

This work finds its meaning when read in the context of a sustaining communication centered on life. It aims to visualize aesthetics in speech and language using emotional up and downs.

La répétition
Carl-Antonyn Dufault
Canada / 2013 / 6’30

Uniting dance and digital arts, ‘La Répétition’ explores how a whole can be the mirror of its details by combining thousands of carefully synchronized movements to recreate an overall choreography.

Here but not here at the same time
Daz Disley
England / 2014 / 9’15

An experimental slow-motion, slit-scan short, exploring identity, presence and absence in a pedestrian urban context while challenging the viewer’s traditional view and perspective.

La quadrature du cercle
Laura Gonçalves
France / 2014 / 4’27

Si jamais nous devons disparaitre, ce sera sans inquiétude mais en combattant jusqu’à la fin
Jean-Gabriel Périot
France / 2014 / 14′

To fight until the end.