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Thursday, March 19 at 12:30 a.m. – Friday, March 20 at 04:00 p.m. / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Arash Nassiri
Iran / 2014 / 18’10

Night-time signs in Tehran are inlaid into aerial images of Los Angeles. During the flight, recorded phone calls relate memories of events that took place in Tehran. These stories refer us to the city’s past.
In the 1970s and 80s the reality of American life was projected onto the city’s social and urban fabric. The music, clothes, cars, boulevards and motorways echoed that way of life. The revolution brought this period to an end. Like science fiction cinema, in which the present of a city is projected into the future, this video projects the past of Tehran into the present, taking Los Angeles as a setting.

Albert Bayona
Spain / 2014 / 4’11

‘Movies_02’ fait partie d’un projet utilisant le footage, des séquences vidéos inutilisées qui ont été mises de coté pour des productions futures. Récupérées sur Internet sous la licence copyright, ces séquences sont choisies et classés selon des critères subjectifs considérant que les scènes ont une valeur esthétique et artistique qui nécessite quelques manipulations.

Joanna Huang & Rubens Chu
Taiwan / 2014 / 2’48

Developing Nation
Jorge Catoni
Chile / 2013 / 10′

Taped around “La Vega Central” (open market, Santiago, Chile). About how to wander invisible and circularly.

Requiem for two people
Bob Kohn & Marine Bureau-Kohn
France / 2014 / 1’15

A (lay) audiovisual requiem, to be screened after our departure.

Construction in Kneading
Ryo Ikeshiro
Japan-England / 2013 / 6’30

‘Construction in Kneading’ is an immersive live generative audiovisual work. It is a speculation into a virtual life form based on the Mandelbox fractal. The movie contains excerpts from a performance.

Collectif d’art NEOZOON
Germany / 2014 / 3′

‘MY BBY 8L3W’ is a video collage about women who present their pet on YouTube. The women speak simultaneously the same phrases, which swells to a joint song.