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Thursday, March 19 at 03:00 p.m. – Friday, March 20 at 06:30 p.m. / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Francesca Fini
Italy / 2014 / 11’44

This video is the beginning of an Art project that mixes different languages: the creative documentary, video art, digital art, installations and performance art. Styles and modes of narration overlap and interpenetrate on a journey in which time flexes and bends until I meet with my mother in an ahistorical dimension but which full of meaning – because in this impossible meeting I reach the sense of my life profoundly marked by this comparison. Something you can tell just with the video art language.

I am your database
Alessandro Amaducci
Italy / 2014 / 3’52

You have only one life. In the videogame of life the final battle has begun, and the winner is already decided. Database of life, database of death.

Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman
France / 2013 / 3’50

« But there’s more that I admire :
Your eyes when they’re downcast
In bursts of love-inspired fire,
And through the eyelash goes fast A somber, dull call of desire… »
– Fyodor Ivanovich TYUTCHEV, 1836

Avant la nuit
Chiara Caterina
Italy / 2013 / 2’53

A short reflexion about prison and sunset in the centre of the European capital city, in that time of day during which things may seem possible. Before night falls prisoners are called by identification numbers and their voices combine in an abstract dimension giving space for an imaginary new life. Sound, as the only perceptible witness of theses lives, crosses a physical border between the inside and the outside, between what is near and what is inaccessible.

Nostalgia for nature
Hugo Arcier
France / 2013 / 8’59

‘Nostalgia for Nature’ is a true sensory experience, a film composed entirely of computer-generated images. It immerses us in the spirit of its protagonist, an ordinary city dweller who recollects moments and scenes from his childhood, all inextricably tied to nature.
Guided and accompanied by off-screen narration, these flashbacks intermingle, diffracted by his memory.

Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile
Sandra Araújo
Portugal / 2014 / 2’53

Popular, Fun, Mocking, Sampling, Fado, Joke.

Circle Of Transient Realms
Derya Erdem
England-Turkey / 2014 / 11’37

‘Circle Of Transient Realms’ is a video work, that investigates societal and cultural issues, focusing on identity, gender and the human mind.
Inspired by repetitive dreams and underpinned by memories, this video work draws a physical and psychological tension between sound, and the visual language. Surreal quality images and noises, revealing glimpses of potential possibilities, what latently exists in nature, suggesting different views of our external world,
inviting the viewer to move into a space of speculation.
Reflecting the emotional dimensions of personal memories, collected histories, and cultural myths, I constantly search for new possibilities.
After a bad dream, ancient Eastern belief dictates telling the story to running water, washing this away, preventing real life fruition and relieving mental stress. Elemental water is a constant theme, its qualities of dynamism, transparency and life generation, becomes a form of consciousness of human conditions.