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Thursday, March 19 at 05:00 p.m. / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Edouard Taufenbach
France / 2014 / 3’40

A station platform seen from a train that is leaving. The image accompanying the departure is progressively lifting the veil of the present and is opening to the depth of the past, and leaves room for the imagination and travel reminiscences.

La Souplesse Allemande
Clément Goffinet
France / 2014 / 9’13

Bud is born from a car, from the trunk of a Renault 21.
I Had to give life. This is how I gave the camera to my characters, for them and for the car which made them alive. This movie is an essay in 3D expressing his right to disrespect animation and its codes.

Maria Ornaf
Pologne / 7′

Benighted means „overtaken by darkness” or „surprised by night”. This poetical word which describes a state of mind and body, can turn to a wider context of being surprised, by time and incoming future. The childhood and lost connection with nature are reflecting inevitable loneliness later. The freedom is ended with borders that are marked out in our childhood.

My communication problems
Yannick Dangin-Leconte
France / 2014 / 8’41

I’ve got some communication issues.

Land Masanobu
Japan / 2013 / 3’41

Abstraction and metamorphoses.

Nayla Dabaji
Canada / 2014 / 8’21

A fictional character falling down from the sky recalls her/his previous failed attempts to cross the border, which she/he magically survives each time. The causes and the consequences of the fall are not revealed, permitting the video to focus on an interval of time and explore both the idealism and the deception linked to migration.

Light Motif
Frédéric Bonpapa
France / 2014 / 4’15

‘Light Motif’ explores the possibilities of synergy between image and music through a semi- abstract environment made of colored lights and geometric shapes..