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Thursday, March 19 at 06:30 / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Par les ondes
Mathieu Dufois
France / 2014 / 12’55

Animated movie essentially realized with drawings and models. We roam in an uninhabited city marked by the deterioration. Gradually human forms appear, similar to spectral appearances.

Water box
Esmeralda Da Costa
France / 2014 / 2’16

Character under water in a face-to-face with herself. Sounds come to tell a mood, an emotional fiction. A fight which drowns itself in a whirlwind where the only exit is to come back to oneself. Finding back the breath.

Ronan Devlin & David J. Knowles
Ireland / 2013 / 6′

‘Afterimage’ is a slow moving video which uses repetition of its two dimensional grid form to create a meditative effect.

Christophe Laventure
France / 2014 / 2’56

Fixed camera and off language. Voices and texts by the author.

A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time
Max Hattler
Germany / 2013 / 2′

A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time. Or maybe not at all.

Simon Gerbaud
France / 2014 / 8’06

The ‘saVer’ project consists of short animations where you can see everyday objects gradually disappearing (a shoe, a laptop, a chair, a fridge, an animal skull …). To achieve the animated sequences, objects are cut or sanded in stages and each of them is recorded in picture (between 60 and 900 shots depending on the object).

No Wonder
Tor-Finn Malum Fitje
Norway / 2013 / 9′

In ‘No Wonder’, each sound and image represents components of an ever-increasing network of reversible meanings. Gradually changing their order, duration or connections, the film attempts to demonstrate the power of the word, as well as it ́s shortcomings in conveying emotions. Sentences from people confessing their near-death experiences are prolonged through repetitions. Each of them is attempting to put words on the inexplicable : they cannot get anything but half-finished sentences.

Le Tour d’ISDPLP
France / 2014 / 2’30

A walker cross the bridge, while he’s leaving the city, he create a graphic canevas along his way to the mountains.