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Vendredi 20 mars 11h00 / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Vincent Capes, Romuald Luydlin & Magali Milian
France / 2014 / 20’26

Tribute to RITE of SPRING
« To the Spring, to the revolution, to freeze the time, to effect, to raise the tide, to take a cold, to be heard, to dispel the mist, to the miracle, to try».

Tracer « Ciel » dans le ciel
Roland Baladi
France / 2014 / 1’34

Tracing “Ciel” (Sky) on the sky, at the control of an acrobatic aircraft : CAP 10. The track is done upright. The dot on the “i” is the beginning of the “C”. The end of the loop, “i” a candle followed by a turnaround , “e” a small loop and the “l” a lazy loop. This is a subjective view of the pilot, there is no external shot, ,o smoke, no inlaid progression of the writing. It is “conceptual”.

Corps étrangers
Nicolas Brault
Canada / 2013 / 4’12

Foreign Bodies draws from the myth of the “transparent body” revealed by modern medical imaging to instill in viewers the sense of strangeness that their own bodies can sometimes inspire.

As I am
Anouk van der Wegen
The Netherlands / 2014 / 2’08

In my work I refer to people with a mental illness. Those who deviate from normal behavior, make me curious. I focus specifically on women I can identify myself with. I experience their vulnerability and purity as beauty. I put my experience into performance art, video art and photography. It’s about the mindset of a woman with a “mental illness”. The vulnerability is her beauty and at the same time her darkness.

Bilgi Diren Güneş
Turkey / 2014 / 3’10

No one is surprised today by a dryed up river!

Lauri Astala
Finland / 2014 / 9’40

The theme of Transit revolves around the collective visual ideas and notions of the urban environment. Through the camera movements, angles and framings, the “documentary” shots taken in New York shift the city into a fictitious urban space, whose visual familiarity stems from the history of film.

1999 Deconstructed
Russell J. Chartier, Paul J. Botelho
USA / 2013 / 4’18

‘1999 Deconstructed’ explores the imagery and sounds representative of the artists’ experiences during the year 1999. The collaboration between Chartier and Botelho follows a process of synchronicity, termed “a collective subconscious,” where both artists work in isolation and only combine their efforts upon completion to realize the work.