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Thursday, March 19 at 11:00 a.m. – Friday, March 20 at 03:00 p.m. / Maison de la Culture, salle Boris Vian

Shape Shifter
Julian Masson
France / 2014 / 4’03

Through this project , my aim is to investigate concepts of motion and ways of representing motion through the use of Mocap technology (tool to follow movement). I am also interested in the relation between a real life performance in a virtual computer world. Through the filter of digital tools I want to distill a real life performance into its purest form.

Albert Bayona
Spain / 2014 / 4′

‘Movies_01’ is part of a project that collects material footage, outtakes and unused material, which are saved for future productions, taken from Internet files under the CC license, reused and rated on a subjective criterion given that the scenes are by themselves an aesthetic and artistic value that do need some manipulation.

Inès Wickmann
Colombia-France / 2014 / 6’38

The idea of these disappearances refers to novel of Yoko Ogawa, “Secret Crystallization”. The music was composed initially and the formal principle is very noticeable: some sound tracks will gradually disappear during the five short parts that compose it. The video follows the same principle of progressive visual disappearances. The music is an original composition by the composer Francis Dhomont.

The day of the bleeding gums
Dimitar Dimitrov
Bulgaria / 2014 / 5′

It is only needed to calmly wait for your wave, and let it take you there, where even death is just a cause for contemplation.
The painting has a value only in the moment of its creation; the rest is just a postcard from a far away voyage.

Encore des changements
Barbara Malleville & Benoît Guillaume
France / 2013 / 10′

A man lost his head. He tries to catch it up, but this head is actually more than his head.

Planet Σ
Momoko Seto
France / 2014 / 11’50

In Planet ∑, giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. Submarine explosions provoke a global warning, and a new life begins for animals.


Orgie républicaine ou le rêve français
Clémence Demesme / Montage : Angelos Angelidis
France / 2014 / 4′

Visual fancy realized from the speech of F. Hollande the 22th January at Le Bourget.