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Soirée Performances

Soirée Performances

Friday, March 20 at 08:30 – École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand

In partnership with École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand, presents an abounding set of hybrid performances that explores picture, sound and writing through collaboratives experiences as B.Y.O.P. and VIDEO_AGE 2.0.


(LYM) Lola and Yukao Meet
Audio-visual Performance/Live (France/Denmark)

Lola and Yukao Meet offers you a unique and wonderful musical and visual experience that is built on the association of live digital drawing, voice, electric violoncello, and urban and organic sound landscapes. Ambitious, beautiful and inspired, their performance alKemi is populated with strange creatures from our dreams and fantasies. Like an initiatory journey, it approaches in succession themes on the fall, infernal dance, and revelation in the form of an ambivalent siren and festive redemption. Alternately solar and lunar, with cascades of ice and fire, the live graphical performance is combined with vocal and musical loops to produce an intense and captivating audio-graphical work. It will enchant you with its vocal and instrumental melodies and will guide you on an initiatory journey from which you will be transformed.

Lola Ajima is a composer and multi-instrumentalist / singer who was born in Denmark. She currently works in France and creates works that are at the dividing line between sound landscapes and musical composition. She makes her music live using her instruments (mainly electric bass and violoncello) and free software such as Supercollider and Puredata. She is doing a course in electro-acoustic composition with Christine Groult. Her style of music is based on loops made with drones, in a melancholic and dark atmosphere.
Lola Ajima started out as a bassist in industrial and shoegaze music groups. She then became a composer for contemporary dance and short films. At present, she is exploring audio-graphic performance with Yukao Nagemi in a collaboration that began in 2009 in Berlin.

Yukao Nagemi is a scientist and artist living in France. His graphical work evolves around lines and mixes symbols and visions of reality around themes such as suffering, memory, spirituality, myths… In addition, he is developing a digital media practice that combines graphical lines and visual effects in the framework of Lola and Yukao Meet with the musician and composer Lola Ajima. His digital work is based on personal tools that produce in real time an increase of the line by particles and cellular automatons combining human expressivity and computer algorithms.
Since 2011, Lola and Yukao Meet has presented four projects NINE (9), CityWalk #1 Paris, d-cONT and alKemi in many festivals, art galleries, or concert halls in France and abroad (Germany, Denmark, and Norway).

Alain Longuet, Gabriel Soucheyre, Stéphane Troiscarrés / VIDEOFORMES 2015 / 50 minutes
With the collaboration of Loup Lamouroux, Elisa Planes & Pauline Quantinet

30 years of video and digital art history!

From the 80s, a period when the general public discovered video art, to the first decade of the 21st century and the explosion of digital arts through the paths opened by the pioneers of this experimental art, a number of assembled photo and video documents will see its formal and chronological structure “performed” on screens, a performance on a montage partition that is managed randomly. The sound, like silent films of the past, will be played live but in total “weightlessness” since different musical groups will discover the arrangement of the images at the same time as the audience.

For occasion, the event sound design will be provided by the bands Vocello & L’infrazone

VoCello : (MarieSylviane Buzin & Véronique Giraud) subtle presences, sound surveying, chaotic encounters between voice and violoncello.
L’infrazone : (David Fontaine & Manu Mouyokon) a bass-drums duo and chorus with metal, post-rock, and contemporary accents where melodies and free rock tones unite in the infrazone.

Images from : Jean-Louis Accetone, Rosanna Albertini, Hugues Allamargot, Weerasetakul Apichatpong, Cécile Babiole, Bain d’huile, Lucas Bambozzi, Roland Baladi, Charlotte Barbie, Nicolas Barrié, Stephan Barron, Dominique Belloir,Raymond Bellour, Daditte Berberian, Clive van den Berg, Jack Berrocal, Fred Bigot, David Blair, David Blasco, Jean-François Bonhomme, Alain Bourges, Alain Burosse, Antonella Bussanich, Samuel Butler, Robert Cahen, John Cage, Sébastien Camboulive, Jean-François Cantin, Mariana Carranza, Nicolas Clauss, Cho & Yun, Sigrid Coggins, Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand, Pierre Coulibeuf, N+N Corsino, Michel Coste, Robert Croma, Giuliana Cuneaz, Stephane Dacko, Jean-Pierre Defail, Clémence Demesme, Loïez Déniel, Alain Duhard, ElectroniCat, Justine Emard, FAQ, Xavier Fabre, Maurice Falise, Jean-Paul Fargier, Peter Fischer, Philippe Fontès, Don Foresta, Bertrand Gadenne, Rainer Gamsjaeger, Jean-Michel Gautreau, Christiane Geoffroy, Véro Goyo, Mihai Grecu, Nelly Girardeau, Karen Guillorel, Groupe Dune, Gustav Hamos, Gary Hill, Stéphane Huter, Catherine Ikam, Incite/, Thomas Israel, Danielle Jaeggi, Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel, C.M. Judge, Sejla Kameric, Hilja Keading, Gauthier Keyaerts, Akino Kondoh, Katia Kosmalski, Tomoko Konoike, Danièle Kosmalski, Thierry Kuntzel, Shigeko Kubota, Jean-Paul Labro, Thierry Lagalla, Tamara Lai, Philippe Lavialle, Jérôme Lefdup, Véronique Legendre, Jean-Louis LeTacon, Pablo Lobato, Pierre Lobstein, José Man Lius, Francesco Mariotti, Charlie Mars, Dalibor Martinis, Masbedo, Gabriel Mascaro, Bjorn Melhus, Laurent Millet, Mondkopf, Genevieve Morgan, Gencho Morita, Bruno Mrozinski, Ko Nakajima, Pascale Noizet, Benjamin Nuel, Atsushi Ogata, Nam June Paik, Jose Ramon Perez Orna, Laurent Pernot, Julien Piedpremier, Dominique Pochat, Triny Prada, Patrick Prado, Enrique Ramirez, Evelyne Renaud, Reynold Reynolds, Nathalie Rich-Fernandez, Joseph Robakowski, Sara Roberts, Rachel Rosalen,Samuel Rousseau, John Sanborn, Eder Santos, Véronique Sapin, Stephen Sarrazin, Shelly Silver, Siro, Ran Slavin, Gabriel Soucheyre, Vincent Speller, Studio Azzurro, Mark Tompkins, Gianni Toti, Trio Perséphone, Stéphane Troiscarrés, Steina Vasulka, Anders Weberg, Jeremy Welsh, Pawel Wojtasik, Dragana Zarevac…

Le B.Y.O.P. VIDEOFORMES Bring Your Own Projector!

What is a B.Y.O.P. ?
A collaborative and enjoyable event: Come with your video projector!

From the beginning, VIDEOFORMES 2015 wished to highlight a collection of collaborative performances.
In the current context of the recomposition of cultural policies and regional redevelopment, the B.Y.O.P VIDEOFORMES 2015 has become a genuine manifesto of contemporary digital and artistic creation, a “life-size” image of a region.

All the artists of the moving image, the organization, and the partners of our region including those who visit the VIDEOFORMES 2015 festival are invited to come project their images on a huge screen and thus create an experimental and revealing mosaic.

Participants : Lucas Falchero • VOLKINO / Céline Roques Savary • Niina Motoka • Matsuo Nahoko • Musiques démesurées / Angélique Ollier • Justine Emard • Marion Guillard • Arnaud Simetière • Christophe Tarrerias • AADN / Pierre Amoudruz • Atelier d’art thérapie / Jean-Philippe Mangeon

The soundtrack of this screening will be improvised and performed by Paradise Now (Belgium) :
Transonic BYOP + special guest : Christophe Bailleau (Be)

The elusive Paradise Now has been invited by VIDEOFORMES to unfurl its poetic landscapes, a mix of sound arts, electric guitar improvisations, and fragments of impressionist songs that interact with the BYOP screenings. They have invited their electronic musician partner Christophe Bailleau to improvise by combining ambient layers, mutant psychedelic flights, piercing rhythms and field recordings.


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